Rooftop Film Club at the Bussey Building

London is a city that is always thriving with new and varied experiences; there is just always so much to do and new things popping up all the time. The Bussey Rooftop Bar is an example of just that.

At its somewhat dizzying heights, the Rooftop Film Club has brought outdoor cinema to the Bussey in South London. While outdoor cinemas have been gaining popularity over the last year or so, this location is particularly unique and an experience you won’t have encountered before.

Getting there

Situated within walking distance from Peckham Rye Station, distance is not the problem here. It’s the building itself. Immersed within surrounding buildings, it is camouflaged well – especially if you happen to be arriving in the evening. The old structure is reminiscent of a warehouse, but don’t let this put you off.

From North Greenwich: take the Jubilee Line to Canada Water, then the Overground to Peckham Rye.

From Mile End: take the District/Hammersmith & City Line to Whitechapel, then the Overground to Peckham Rye.

Bussey Rooftop Bar

The term ‘Rooftop’ is no exaggeration, and you will have to climb quite a few flights of stairs before reaching the summit of the building. But once the cosy setting comes in to view, illuminated by an array of lights (not dissimilar from something you might see on a Christmas tree), it all becomes worth it. The seating is made up of deck chairs that you would usually find available to rent on the beach. These are comfortable and provide a relaxed position to watch the film. Outside noises such as the occasional train going past added a unique element to the evening.

Upon your arrival you will be handed headphones and a blanket. This is a thoughtful addition which adds to the welcoming feel of the place. As you would expect from any cinema there is a small stall from which you are able to purchase refreshments. And as usual, they are above the price that you would expect to pay on the high street (Burgers, fries, and a drink will cost you around £15.00-£20.00). Fortunately this is optional, and if you are looking to make this a budget night out then we would advise to eat beforehand.

The Film

The film we happened to see was the ‘Notebook’, a popular romantic drama which is perfect for any hopeless romantics out there. Although the film itself isn’t that important, as they show a range of cult classics to suit all tastes (Pulp Fiction is showing soon!).

The Experience

Ironically, the film is not what makes this experience worthwhile. Being outside in the open air, the truly exceptional and beautiful view across London, as well as the warm environment created by both the layout and the staff is what really makes the night one to remember. All in all, the evening was a nine out of ten.

A Day Of African Culture in London

Paula Pennant tells us of her day spent in London museums, exploring African cultural exhibits. 

African Worlds

In the heart of suburban Forest Hill, the Horniman Museum does on first impression seem rather unusual. Its majestic and well-kept exterior makes you want to find out more. It’s really lush. Really green. Really beautiful. It could almost be a botanical garden.

Opened in 1891, the museum in its first incarnation was the home of Frederick Horniman. Horniman had travelled the world and wanted to show the public the amazing smörgåsbord of art that existed. The fact that it still looks great today proves that the Horniman has been preserved in its full glory.

So what about inside? On this particular day, a Saturday, there was a farmers market. So that’s another reason to check it out. The Centenary Gallery has a very spacious feel. It is really interesting, and the layout is conscious and deliberate. Have you ever had a museum to yourself? Even though it was a Saturday, there were moments when I was alone in the Centenary Gallery. African Worlds is a small and unique collection that shows different elements of African life. It’s fair to say, that it’s more of a lifestyle curation than a formal collection. If you do like African culture then it can’t hurt to take a visit. Furthermore, the Horniman Museum has so much to offer and it is definitely one of the most interesting museums in London, and free! There are also some lovely gardens to take a stroll around, and an aquarium on the lower level!

Travel: From North Greenwich take the Jubilee line to Canada Water, then the Overground to Forest Hill. From Mile End take the Hammersmith and City/District line to Whitechapel, change for the Overground to Forest Hill.

Sugar & Slavery

The Sugar & Slavery exhibition at Museum of London Docklands is less about art and more about history. Unlike the ‘African Worlds’ collection, this permanent exhibition reflects a horrific act from civilisation. London, and the whole of Britain, was involved with the slave trade and Sugar & Slavery is a concise chronology of this dark era. There is so much to see and so much to learn.

The exhibition is beyond educational though.By the end of it, it is clear that is has to be one of the best visual historical depictions around. It is difficult to imagine but this colonial trade provided the necessary investments for hundreds of prominent banks, art galleries, companies and private estates. The cold hard facts are difficult to digest. Without the slave trade, Great Britain would not be the country it is today.

The exhibits are realistic to say the least, and here’s why. Fascinatingly, the site of the museum was where sugar was stored after it was grown, cut and ground by slaves. The exhibition is incredibly sad, but instead of inducing any bitterness, it does the complete opposite. Sugar & Slavery serves as proof of the higher aspects of humanity. It is estimated that up to 15 million people lost their lives and were enslaved. The exhibition forces us to never forget the strength, courage and endurance of those who survived the slave trade and caused its extinction.

Travel: From North Greenwich take the Jubilee line to Canary Wharf. From Mile End you can take either the 277 or D6 bus. Or the Central line to Stratford and change for the Jubilee line to Canary Wharf.


The focal point of both exhibitions is Africa, however the two museums could not be any more different. One focuses on art, the other history; but both meaningful. The best thing about both is that entrance is free. Demonstrating, perfectly, that culture does not have to be expensive or exclusive.

Life After Graduation

Hennika lists nine things all students should think about once they’ve graduated:

1.    Socialising – it’s important to keep in touch with all those people you may have neglected during your studies. Go for a meal with them, catch up over a drink, or even have a night out!

2.    Keeping up with your hobbies – things that you didn’t get time to do during university, or were maybe too lazy. Now that you’re being proactive with work and your future career, maybe it’s time to put the effort in here too.

3.    Finding a job – make all that studying worth it. Join LinkedIn and use it to network, sign up to career and graduate job sites. Use and other websites which match your skills to a job. It’s always worth trying these things, you never know where a job offer will come from.

4.    Tailoring your CV – in order to land an interview your CV needs to fit the role, so make sure it includes all the necessary skills, qualities and experience.London students after graduate travelling postgraduate

5.    Travelling – take time out to sightsee and experience all sorts of cultures. After all,once you settle into a job it becomes tricky to take off enough time to travel around a country or continent!

6.    Volunteering – there’s nothing like helping out your favourite charity or even just committing some time to keep elderly people company. You should also remember that it provides you with transferable skills, which look great on your CV and will help you in future jobs.

7.    Continuing your education – you might consider postgraduate studies. It might be a subject you really enjoy, or to lead you to your dream career.

8.    Starting your own business – what are you passionate about? Baking, technology, or just making money? Think about turning your interest into a business. There is loads of support and help available for entrepreneurial young people; The Prince’s Trust and The Start Up Loans programmes are just two options. If you’re worried about the risk you could consider running a franchise for a brand which is already established.

9.    Doing something completely new – like growing your own fruit and vegetables, learning a language, or taking up drawing. Things like this provide you with some escape and stress relief while you figure out what to do next.

How to decide what to do next?

  • First have a think about what you want from your career and life in general. For instance is it more important to help people in your job than make lots of money?
  • Once you know your objectives, list all the available options
  • Review these options, are they realistic? Do you have the skills and qualifications in order to pursue your dream? If not, how will you get them?
  • Then define the pathways – how are you going to get there, financially and mentally?

Networking Tips for your Internship or Work Experience

Our student blogger Hennika tells us how to make contacts and get the most out of an internship or work experience

If you are currently an intern, or have taken up some work experience this summer, is it important to get as much out of it as possible. We show you how to meet new people at work, and these tips could pave the way for jobs in the future!Networking

Don’t eat lunch alone
You may feel shy and not want to eat with other people, but it’s a good way to build relationships with colleagues. You might find you have shared interests, which could lead to a new friendship, or that you’re kept in mind for future vacancies. The same goes for after-work drinks, even if you just go for one and leave!

Attend events
This is another good opportunity to bond with co-workers, but also to network with people from other companies. Take people’s business cards, find out about the organisation and ask about openings.

Be nice
You’d be surprised to see just how much further along you can get in life when people like you. First impressions are lasting impressions, so make sure people remember you for the right reasons. Offer to make the tea, get things done on time, and ask others for things politely. Think of everyone you talk to or meet as a potential contact, you could land yourself a job with them.

Maintain your network
Make sure you keep in contact with all your colleagues/friends at your work place; you want to be considered for internal job vacancies. The relationship can work both ways, it will be even more beneficial to the company when you bring your own contacts with you.

Dress smartly
It’s better to be on the smart side than too casual. If people wear shoes and not trainers, make sure you do the same. Invest in a suit if necessary. The dress code is there for a reason and will be a reflection of the company’s values.

Work hard
It goes without saying, but complete all of your tasks on time and as best you can. If you’re bored then ask for more work to do, and use your initiative where allowed. If you can’t finish something in the time frame given then be honest, rather than lying to try and please your manager. Remember that you are trying to put yourself on their radar for the future, so do your best rather than just sticking it out until the end.

Expand your focus
If possible, try spending a day in a different department. You might find that you prefer it! Think of it as maximising your time in the position, and adding more skills to your CV.

Movies to Watch this Summer

Read on to see what current films our Scape Blogger Sandip recommends

FilmWith the start of August the summer break is nearing its end. Though considering the turbulent and overcast weather we’ve been experiencing recently it might feel like summer was over a while ago. If you’re struggling for things to do, part two of our summer blog series might offer some inspiration. Or you might want to get active, if so check out our top five sports to do this summer. However if neither are to your taste there are many tantalising new films being shown on your doorstop – at the Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel for Scape East students, and the Greenwich Odeon for Scape Greenwich students. Here’s a rundown of our favourites…


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

It’s commonly considered that sequels never match the original, but Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is an exception. Set ten winters after the original, Caesar and his ape community are now living peacefully in the forest. However the human population, or what remains after the outbreak of a deadly virus, live in constant fear of the apes and see them as the cause of their problems.  This is an epic film, using evolutionary film methods culminating in a must-see summer movie.

How to Train Your Dragon Two

For those who have a soft spot for a little animation, the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon is a great choice. Hiccup, Toothless and all our favourite Vikings and dragons from the first instalment are back. This film is set five years after the original, and sees the Vikings and dragons living as one community in peace. That is until Drago Bludvist begins capturing dragons to build his army. Cue an adventure filled with all the warmth, laughter, and emotion of the original.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This one should be top of the list for Marvel movie fans. Guardians of the Galaxy sees the universes most unlikely heroes, including a half-human, a tree and a talking racoon, set the unenvious task of saving the galaxy. This is similar to the Avengers, only it’s set in outer space, innovative, funny and visually brilliant.


Scape Greenwich students will have to venture to the Picturehouse to watch this one, but it’s worth it. Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, Boyhood is a ground-breaking film that will leave you in awe of what is possible with a camera. Director Richard Linklater breaks all the rules of Hollywood in a film that is beautifully directed, emotionally charged, and will leave you full of warmth. The story follows the life of Mason as he navigates through his school years all the way to college. A tender and touching story, it doesn’t have the feeling of a documentary; it’s just an extraordinary film.

Top 5 Summer Sports to Try

Our intern Josh has come up with a list of 5 sports to try this summer.  Read on and find out how climbing and windsurfing are closer then you think!


In the few hot summer days we have here in England the best way to spend them is in the water, a great way to cool off. For those of you who aren’t content just swimming and seek an extra thrill in the water, windsurfing will be perfect. Not only is it an exciting and Summer sports to tryinteresting sport but it’s a great way to keep fit, important over the summer when barbecue food starts to pile on the pounds. There are a few clubs that can help train you: Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, East London Windsurfing School, or BYTC Sailsports (others can be found with a quick Google search). Alternatively your university may have a club or society dedicated to this activity.

Frisbee Baseball

If you can construct a makeshift baseball field, have a Frisbee and some friends then you’ll be ready to play Frisbee baseball. The “batter” takes the Frisbee and has to throw it as far as they can, without the other people catching it or the Frisbee going out of bounds. This is a great way to involve everyone in an energetic and fun game, which keeps everyone fit and happy. A guide and other Frisbee games can be found here.


Sometimes typical transport methods just aren’t exhilarating enough, if you feel this way why not try skateboarding? Cruising around on four wheels in the sunshine of a a summer’s day is surely the best way to travel and get some exercise at the same time.

High Climbing

If you’ve always felt like there’s an inner monkey inside you, waiting to jump out and swing from the trees then Go Ape is perfect for you. Even if you just fancy a day climbing in the peaceful forest, this activity is perfect. The closest location for Scape students is in Trent Country Park, a 10 minute walk from Cockfosters tube station. Go Ape is an unforgettable experience and a great way to get some exercise and fresh air.

Crazy Golf

Now when people say golf you may not initially assume a fun-filled day out with friends. However, with crazy/mini golf that’s exactly what you get. Instead of the long ritual of a normal golf game, crazy golf is played on a miniature course full of obstacles and challenges. Perfect for a bit of gentle competition with friends! There are courses in Wandsworth Park and Wimbledon Park.


Huskr: Kit Your Place Out On the Cheap

If you’re looking for new and innovative products on the cheap to enhance your summer or kit out your new student pad, keep reading!

A brand discovery platform for innovative, independent stores with great promotions. This is the idea that three Bristol-based students pitched to ‘Webstart Bristol’, a technology business incubator that accepted the idea and has been funding its growth. No longer just a concept, it is a now a fully functioning business called Huskr. Imagine a cool and edgy cross between Groupon and Not On The High Street, that’s Huskr!


The way it works is pretty simple, explore the curated deals and once you’ve found a product that you like just share the deal on whichever social network you’ve signed up with, and after that… it’s all yours. You will be sent the promo code and link to the store so that your purchase is just a few clicks away.

Whether you’re looking to kit out your wardrobe with exciting new gear, your larder with luxury foods, a bike to get you to uni and back affordably and in style, or a stack of magazines and art to decorate your living room, Huskr will deliver. Recent deals have included 15-40% offclothing brands, discounts on fixed gear bikes, free independent magazines, exclusive prices on wooden sunglasses, and money off funky confectionery.

As Huskr is run and founded by students it’s the perfect place for fellow students to find brands and items that will actually excite and engage you. All the brands on Huskr have been carefully handpicked by the team so as to not dilute the quality of the site’s product range. There is also a section where visitors to the site are encouraged to suggest independent brands that could be hosted on Huskr, to make the site a platform for brand democracy.

Huskr not only helps students and young people with an interest in edgy products, it also helps support the growth of independent stores. All the stores that sign up create their own pages much like a social network profile, where you can gain information on their brand and the other products they sell. You know exactly what you’re getting with in depth descriptions of the products and links to the sites where the products are sold.

If you’re a student looking for new and exciting brands that won’t break the bank this summer, take a peek.